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About ypap

In the summer of 2006, a question was posed: “How can we match the incredible energy, creativity, and compassion of the young people in our community to the needs of our guests at the Center for the Homeless?” The answer was Young Professionals Against Poverty.

who we are

Young Professionals Against Poverty was founded in 2006 in a joint effort by Steve Camilleri, the Executive Director of the Center for the Homeless, and Matt Money, the first chairman of YPAP. Nearly four years later, Matt reflects on the impact YPAP has had.

“After graduating from the Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership program in 2006, I was excited to begin my career as a servant leader for my community. Several brainstorming sessions with fellow classmate and Executive Director of the Center for the Homeless Steve Camilleri revealed a major need for the organization – young blood.

"Our idea was to actively engage local professionals with the Center, while asking them to develop new and exciting ways to raise both funds for the Center and awareness about poverty in our community. Today this group is a reality known as the Young Professionals Against Poverty (YPAP).

"I’m not sure who has benefited more from this enterprise – but I would venture a guess that it’s our young professionals. Interacting with the guests has been extremely rewarding and eye-opening. Helping to organize events and raise money continues to be great experience, not to mention a resume-builder, and the opportunity to meet other young people committed to making a difference has been exciting and encouraging.

"I look forward to the continued growth and development of YPAP. The individuals who comprise our group are future leaders for our community, and it is our hope they will continue to stay involved with the Center and dedicated to improving quality of life for all.”

The question that Matt and Steve asked–“Can we do more?”–continues to be answered with a resounding “Yes!”

We can always do more–and the following video is a great reminder of some of the reasons we do it.

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