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About ypap

In the summer of 2006, a question was posed: “How can we match the incredible energy, creativity, and compassion of the young people in our community to the needs of our guests at the Center for the Homeless?” The answer was Young Professionals Against Poverty.

young professionals against poverty by-laws


The Young Professionals Against Poverty (YPAP) organization is a sub-committee of the Center for the Homeless Board of Directors. The purpose of the Young Professionals Against Poverty is to plan, direct and implement activities to engage the local 22-40 year old constituent group in fundraising, volunteering, mentoring, and advocacy efforts for the benefit of the Center for the Homeless. To encourage active membership, YPAP provides a variety of networking and socializing opportunities for members.


The organization is comprised of promising young individuals in the Michiana area who have demonstrated strong leadership qualities. Each will be an enthusiastic representative of the community, and should be dedicated to the success and growth of the Center for the Homeless. As a whole, YPAP will aspire to be an inclusive network of the community’s most dedicated and effective future philanthropic leaders, and will therefore be regarded as a positive and influential force in the greater South Bend area.


Young Professionals Against Poverty will be a largely autonomous and self-governing organization that is ultimately accountable to the CFH Executive Director and Board of Directors. The Young Professionals Against Poverty will have officer positions including, but not limited to: Executive Chair, Membership Chair, Volunteer Chair, Mentoring Chair, Communications Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Additionally, a CFH employee will be designated to serve as the formal liaison between YPAP and CFH.


The Young Professionals Against Poverty will meet on a quarterly basis to discuss current volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, and general group activities. These meetings will also provide an opportunity for members to enrich their understanding of the Center’s mission and activities, as new information about CFH programming and happenings will be presented at each meeting.

It is expected that committed members of the group will attend all quarterly meetings.

In addition to the quarterly meetings, group officers and any other members who constitute the YPAP Executive Leadership Team will aim to meet on a monthly basis.


Each member is to either attend or volunteer for at least one Center for the Homeless or YPAP event annually, in addition to serving as a resource on an individual basis for specific issues and challenges, lending expertise as needed.

Each member is also expected to volunteer at least once a month at the Center for the Homeless. A variety of volunteer opportunities will be available for members to meet this expectation, and such opportunities will be communicated at quarterly meetings and via email.