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About ypap

In the summer of 2006, a question was posed: “How can we match the incredible energy, creativity, and compassion of the young people in our community to the needs of our guests at the Center for the Homeless?” The answer was Young Professionals Against Poverty.

the center for the homeless

The Center for the Homeless is not a homeless shelter. While they have provided more than 700,000 safe nights and over 1.5 million meals to more than 44,000 men, women and children since their opening in December 1988, their focus is on providing not just life-saving, but life-changing services to each of their guests.

The Center's innovative service model offers homeless families and individuals an on-site structured, step-by-step process to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. This revolutionary program relies on partnerships with every sector of the community and has been endorsed by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

To learn more about the Center for the Homeless and all they do for our community, click here to visit their Web site. You may also visit their blog at makeadifferencemichiana.org.

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