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About ypap

In the summer of 2006, a question was posed: “How can we match the incredible energy, creativity, and compassion of the young people in our community to the needs of our guests at the Center for the Homeless?” The answer was Young Professionals Against Poverty.

Mission Statement

The Young Professionals mission is to support the mission of the Center for the Homeless as stewards, fundraisers and advocates.

Everything that goes on in the Center serves to further their mission, which is threefold:

  1. Break the cycle of homelessness.
  2. Bring together disparate groups so that each can discover the worth, dignity and potential of the other.
  3. Pioneer a service model worthy of replication.

This mission unites all members of the Center community in a common endeavor. Because of the depth and severity of the condition of homelessness, no less than a focused and concerted effort can bring lasting change into the lives of our guests.